Our Core Program is for all boys and girls ages 8-18. Whether your child is a beginner or has years of training, we have all styles and levels to choose from. Our Core Program dancers find fun, friendship and a love of dance in our energetic and encouraging environment. Focus is on individual development and growth of confidence. Our spring performance is always a highlight for our dancers!



As the foundation of all dance, Ballet teaches technique and body alignment, which are necessary to becoming a strong successful dancer. This class focuses on technique, grace, flexibility and strength.


Musical Theater

This class combines music, movement, singing & acting to Broadway style & popular Musical songs. Students must also be enrolled in a Jazz class when taking Music Theater. There is an additional fee for vocal coaching that is part of Music Theater.



This class combines Ballet technique and jazz to present an expressive and emotional style of dance.  Students must be enrolled in a Ballet class to take Lyrical.


This exciting dance style is expressed through rhythmic sounds of the feet. Tap utilizes rhythmic patterns to develop coordination, musicality, motor skills, timing, agility, and music theory.



This class is a combination of dance and  tumbling. It is very athletic and teaches strength and flexibility. Level 4 and higher require students take other dance forms as well.




This energetic dance style focuses on isolations, turns, leaps, and flexibility. Learning steps and technique to current music makes this a fun and popular class.



Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fun freestyle form of dance. This energetic class helps develop athleticism and is performed to upbeat current music. Our music is always age appropriate and censored.